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100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE!

Here's how it goes...

1.) Email us a high resolution digital picture(s) to  in a  .jpg, .pdf, .gif, .bmp, or .tiff format. Send one photo ( head shot perferable) that clearly shows the angle you want your caricature to be drawn. Also include eye and hair colors.


2.) Describe the setting or theme of the caricature. Let us know what activity you'd like the caricature to be doing.


3.) Within 48 hours of receipt of photos we will send you a proof and a quote. This is the time to make necessary changes.

 *If you are not 100% satisfied at this point you are not obligated to purchase it.


 4.) Once you are 100% satisfied with your caricature we will send you a Pay Pal request for payment. When payment is made you will receive your high resolution 300 DPI digital file by e-mail within 24 hours that you can print on your printer or add to your website or favorite social network.


Low resolution proof

High resolution 300 DPI .jpg file .8.5" x 11"

Caricatures by Alan Senkiw